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Our vision for the holiday of the future: beyond standards of low impact.

The tourism industry is embracing sustainable practises to protect the natural capital that it depends on, and to meet growing consumer demand for sustainability.

The first steps in sustainable development have become mainstream, such as energy reduction, water management, responsible purchasing, and protecting biodiversity. These are focused on minimizing harmful impact on the environment. We see a path that goes beyond this, towards a truly regenerative environment.

In our vision, an ideal holiday goes beyond the recommended standards of low impact. ReGen Resorts deliver leisure and tourism experiences that inspire a lasting positive mentality— for visitors, the environment, and society. 

Visitors experience ways of life that inspire change, far beyond the duration of their visit.

Strategy & Planning

Together we determine the goals for each resort, help choose the location, target audience, market strategy, and build the business plan.

Concept Design & Engineering

We design the masterplan, and integrate it into the landscape and local economy. We design the accommodations with natural, local materials, and zero energy, waste, and water use. 

Execution & Operations

We develop local partnerships for execution and operations, and make sure development is delivered on time, within budget. We help manage the startup of operations to ensure quality delivery.

Benefits of Regen Resorts

  • Holistic concepts integrating marketing, development, design, and operations for next generation eco-resorts.

  • Best in class water, energy, material, social, health, and biodiversity performance, boosting the UN SDGs.

  • Smart integrated design and engineering leading to low maintenance and ease of operations.

  • Thoughtful, context sensitive luxury, harnessing lush nature-driven design.

  • Business models capturing value from multi-tiered value streams that optimize resilient return on investment.

  • Development, design, and engineering team with over 20 years of experience world-wide.