ReGen Resorts

Regenerative by nature, unforgettable by design.

We realize next generation sustainable holiday experiences and communities.

We provide consulting, concepts, designs, engineering, and development services for a new class of sustainable holiday experiences and communities.

We work with pioneering hospitality and real estate developers, to lead the way in luxurious and responsible eco-tourism and living communities. 

"What if our real estate helps build new futures, rather than just minimizing negative impacts?"

We increasingly seek meaningful and inspiring experiences. We immerse ourselves in nature, cultural involvement, and spend our free time mindfully to grow and play. 

ReGen Resorts use best in class sustainability performance to elevate these experiences, imparting a lasting impression and inspiring ideas to apply to daily life, using a development model that creates true long term value.

A brand new concept for resorts, hotels, and living communities.

Our developments set a new standard for sustainability, in the true meaning of the word. They regenerate natural environments, foster embracing and nurturing communities, generate their own energy, are fully circular in food, water, and materials, and provide a range of authentic health, learning, and entertainment programs. 

ReGen Resorts transcend generations, and foster connectivity between culture, the arts, people, and purpose, for a lasting, lifetime experience.

Powered by nature

Our concepts are entirely powered by the local natural environment, community, and the sun. 

  • They produce healthy, fresh food right on the resort premises, cooked to perfection in original recipes. 
  • Water is directly cleaned and fully recycled, and air is filtered, for toxin-free environments. 
  • Renewable energy is integrated with waste-free operations, and community driven program. 
  • Local communities are activated and supported, and on-site training provides new futures for all people involved.

An expert development team blending innovation, design, and smart business models.

We develop sustainable housing, cities, and communities since 1999. Our approach combines talent and experience from different disciplines, including architecture and design, urban planning, eco-engineering, hospitality, marketing, and business development. 

As a team we stand behind partners that lead the way in sustainable leisure and holiday projects.

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