ReGen Resorts is a brand new concept. We are currently working on the first project realizations. Below we show some related projects the team has developed. More projects can be seen on the website of Except Integrated Sustainability.

Regen Villages Oosterwold

Regen Villages Oosterwold is an affordable housing neighborhood of about 200 homes in the Netherlands. It is fully self-powered for energy, water, and food, and climate adaptive. We developed the full masterplan, ecosystem design and engineering, agriculture system, and landscape design.

Client is Regen Villages B.V. 
(unrelated to ReGen Resorts).

San Francisco Salesforce Park

The San Francisco Transbay Salesforce Park is the world’s largest ecosystem rooftop. Sitting on the 8th story, above a complex of retail and transport center, it was the largest construction project in the last 20 years of the United States. 

We developed the concept of the park, its ecosystem plan and its business model, for Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects as Clients.

Arkna Eco-Park Estonia

In Rakvere, Estonia, we developed the masterplan for the 671 Ha self-reliant Arkna Eco-Park. The park is built on a historical site tracing back to 1527, and becomes a primary tourist destination in the country, including a Polydome sustainable agriculture system.

We worked with our client Arkna Eco-Park to build a complete masterplan template for years to come, including its sustainable eco-engineering plan, phasing, routing, marketing strategy, identity, food system, event program, and design guidelines.